Me taken on 21 Jan 2011 -- the day I quit smoking. Been smoke free up to this website update.
I've been in the process of giving a site well needed update, and been busy working on new material -- much of my new fiction will be print exclusive but I did some new looks and new things to the site, some of them include adding new video. It's been since early 1997 (not quite 21 years old at the time) since I started this site and I am very surprised that it managed to last this long, and if you want to see what I've been up to -- I do have a myspace profile that is updated more often than the website, but now I hope that I don't get lazy and wait another three years to update my main website. I don't write erotic content of any kind in my fiction, and I say exactly what I think.
     I don't give a flying fuck if I am openly offensive. I would rather be pollitically incorrect longhaired asshole than a pollitically correct pussy. I made the picture clickable now and I have a store on for those who want to grab up some of the books I've been reading too. Mykil of Withering Soul coined me The Heavy Metal Author and this is a nickname that I took ownership to because my style of horror has a thrash metal like intensity with the visceral horror scenes. I am not going to let up and the frights will kick your ass into your face. Be prepared to get into a mosh pit of dark horror fiction and Extreme Gothic Horror. My brand of Gothic -- wasn't born out of a spooky disco type Gothic but one that was out of the sound of Metallica and Black Sabbath. I like to create dark stories that will scare the fuck out of you long after they're written. I've been accused a few times of using hate speech when I am just very outspoken and will say things that will rub people the wrong way because of my unique and disturbing way I see the damn world. If you want the mainstream material from me, see my Science Fiction but I am without any apologies an underground horror writer.
     Along with writing new fiction and having published a dark memoir -- this book isn't for the former classmates of Marquardt Middle School, but for the brothers and sisters known as The Lake Fossil Press Roster over the years. The direction it took was one I didn't expect when I started writing it, and I could very easy been in the same high school study hall or graduating class as the whifflehorror scribes out there, I read one of these stories and call it utter crapatastic boy band/Justin Bieber targeted horror. I apoligize if I don't write for those who listen to the Backdoor Bastards. Do not come here shoving Lady Gaga down my throat unless you want to be ripped a new one, I am a heavy metal rocker and been one most of my childhood and all of my adult life. This one is a work of non-fiction and I have some stories out in a few magazines and one coming out later this year. One said to be out now but the publisher only knows the details when that one will be done. I am still working on the magazine as some would have noticed. I released more print exclusive work in recent years because it keeps people looking around. The blog on myspace will give you ideas what I am working on in the sense of fiction or even non-fiction for that matter, but that is a private profile because of the number assholes going around swiping my content then watermarking it. I also do have a few anthologies I edited available for purchase so click on the reading room to see more information on one of them -- if you're a promoter and want information about the recent anthology project I am working on, drop me an e-mail and I will provide a direct link where you can grab this up at.
     The anthology, Tabloid Purposes IV had seen an overhaul and the fifth is out on -- the revised versions of IV have more of my photography in them. Tabloid Purpoose Six and Seven GLS are rewritten and are available as a download (The Twins aka GEMINI.) I am trying to be more detailed with that project. I also do impromto anthologies just for fun and those are often announced word of mouth. Tell your friends they can grab up a copy via The blacklight edition was pulled because of a disgrunted twat who didn't like what she got paid for her story -- sort of the situation that my mentor Cyber-Pulp Books had when he was going through growing pains. The fourth installment has a story that's been a print exclusive and is an exclusive to print -- that story is Passenger and the Fifth is host for a magnum opus Supernatural Cyberpunk novella Cyber:Terror:Machine. The issue got published but the novella turned into an ovel -- right now I am doing the current issue of the magazine. I was going to put the novella in the magazine, but as of this it became too long and still being written. I will have a brand new novella in the 12th issue and ushering in some undiscovered writers. If you want to know information where I will be doing my Vlog at (yes I figured out how to do video on here now, all I need is some speakers and a mic then I am all set. Hard to believe I've been running a website for nearly thirteen years. Three of those years I became a published author and a micro-press publisher. I produce anthologies that pay authors and also ones that are 4theluv (I am a publisher that does both.)
     Details about my publishing company are found right on -- I want to thank the crew of for their long standing partnership with the entire Lake Fossil Press Roster (Tabloid Purposes, The Ethereal Gazette, and the various other projects with various authors I did in the past, doing in the present, and doing in the future. I have to rework one of them because of a motherfucking plagiarist invading the publication. David Boyer just became a prey item for every horror writer out there, namely Ferrel R. Moore.) I want to take the time to welcome Gothic Historian Mick Mercer to because if it was without his input I wouldn't have the Gothic type archtypes I use with the stories in the magazine either fiction or non-fiction wise with the talented authors I worked with over years since starting Lake Fossil Press. I now expanded my empire online. I would like to be a publishing mobile now since I am getting some very talented guys and gals who come in and kick some serious ass over the years. I've been an admin or moderator on different sites off and on for my entire history online.
     By all means feel free to drop me a message on for information on the admin position and I own a few message boards, one of the on hyperboards, but the one I prefer people coming to is the one called The House That Nick Built. I want to thank all near 700 people who added me there, and I will try to use my website to keep in touch with each and every one of them. I want to welcome my friends and colleagues from Naked Snake Press and Tales of the Talisman. If you have read "The Typewriter," I really want to hear from you. I want to welcome back old fans and extend a huge welcome to the GraveDiggers to the site and forums. I will be keeping the line up of one of the issues a total surprise until the stars are right.
       I am trying to do a page with all my publishing credits because some of them spanned out as long as I've been online the first series of years to e-zines and such, then the others in micro-press magazines. Hard to believe I've been published online since my early 20s, been writing since 1990-91 -- my writing period actually predates some of these mass market pigs who've been bending over and taking it to get published. My name been getting in the mix as a small press publisher but I've also seen myself get published in print on a number of occasions now -- both nationally and internationally. I haven't submitted out for a few years because I've been busy writing more epic material and writing stories that are harder to place because the difference between other horror writer's works and some of mine -- a few of mine, my darkest ones are true (Revisiting The Loss Of Blood The book that's this story is published in Dirty Black Winter.)
      I produced currently thirteen issues of The Ethereal Gazette so far and been honored to work with the science fiction legend, Ray Nelson, the author who inspired Flying Cigars on Another site that's been around in the early era -- I was the co-editor of the legendary e-zine The House Of Pain until the closing and now have a new book out there, Dirty Black Winter, which is Writings From The Grave in book form in some ways. Never before released, some reworked, and stories previously published in print only there. This is home of the story that was insulted by an e-zine by calling it a work of fiction when it's a work of nonfiction. That story lives within the pages of Dirty Black Winter. If you want to interact with me, my board is open -- Seven Points Of Insanity. I will not be called a fake publisher by some hack who's only got lucky in one contest and lacks a true publishing history. This website is home of a writer who's got Gothic Horror in their blood, his life is a gothic horror story in some ways. People want me to be a memory in this business but there is no way that will fucking happen. I will have a story hitting the street sometime within the spring into the summer that was about months in the waiting and this was a story written in 2008 . The short story is called Media Darling and it was written in the whole wake of the bullying and cyberbullying in 2008 -- two of the people who are getting slapped around in this are based in Chicago, and one of them has a unique way of pissing people off who have a learning disability. This one got altared a little bit then proudly published in an anthology called Emanations. There is a new freebie location too and I want to thank the guys of Codexed for being the host of this, the link will open in a new window for
      I have a fan page for my imprint so if you read some of the work on there and want to keep tabs go ahead and add Lake Fossil Press from there. I will be working more on the website as time goes on and more gets added to the magazine and what not.
     I have three novels I am writing right now with one done (GAME OVER) but in the reading room I am pulling out my favorite stories all coded in HTML and a few in Portable Document File, some of the stories are works of fiction while one is a true ghost story. You can also find my work on Bare with me while I go through this. I am trying to do new graphics and everything. Some of them go back to 2000, and I am also revising some of the 1997-1998 material to give it a more epic horror scare. I am set out to prove there is more to the Gothic than trying to look elegant and shit like that -- the whole elegant side wasn't for me. I've written four books -- two being collections, a novella with Barbara Shenouda, and the memoir. A webdsite from the horror writer who never played it by the rules -- thrive upon being called The Renegade. (Friend and author Fred Wiehe coined this one, and I am starting to live up to this.) I want to especially thank my current hosts for allowing me to bring this monster to their site -- I remember when Go Network hosted Writings From The Grave and the fucker became a monster. Now I have the chance to make this website the monster it was was in 2000. My site was the only one that had the midi for Morbid Angel. I really been around that long, I've been around longer than and all the social networking websites out there.
      My old E-zine from 2000-2002 became the token paying magazine, The Ethereal Gazette. This site is iconic in many ways -- I like to crucify the ones who go around saying that I am the anti-Christ in this business because I like to take a Conservative stand on things. I don't like working with another web site designer with everything because I am a true do-it-yourself type because I used to help my family install things in the old house at Glendale Heights, and that carried over to my philosophy on publishing. I don't write the whifflehorror that's going around, I might be a writer of extremes because I can do the PG style as well as the signature hardcore horror style. I toned it down for the readers on because they might not have been ready for the House of Pain E-Zine style I did before I was aware of The House of Pain just yet.
       You've seen the blogs that would spread a shitload of lies about me, I wrote the book and updated parts of this site to reflect the currently published material in print. I will be collecting my favorite short stories I've written over the years too and will have the link to my poetry catalog on for those of you who got to know my work via the poetry. I've been predomiantely a short story writer and haven't looked back since I picked up the short story pen again in 1996. This is my official website and I update the fucking thing myself, but it's designed not to be updated as offen as a blog type site that most of these writers are jumping on the bandwagon to have. This Is The House That Nick Built along with Lake Fossil Press. Since the owner of Web of Horror and I parted company, yeah it was a good run (I wish Ms. Slade the best of luck in her next move) -- I managed to reconnect to one author who managed to nearly make publication happen for me in the late 1990s and that author is J.M. Barlog. Barlog, if you're looking for getting your short stories published buddy you will always have a home on Lake Fossil Press. I will design for other authors who are serious about keeping things old school with a site. I am the horror counterpart for a lot of heavy metal personalities who think MTV ignores heavy metal music, and the horror genre ignores the true underground mavens.
       I guess with these young fools out there listening to Lady Gaga (fuck her;) I guess that's the equal to playing with barbie dolls. A young Pacione fan cuts the heads off Barbies while blasting Disturbed, Neutral Red, Mudvayne, or Bloodstream Parade, you can tell a Pacione reader from the rest out there -- they get into fist fights with their devotion. I am what the mainstream horror community fears because I am not the one to follow their rules. Politeness went out the window a long time a go with me and the entity I created. You're looking at that entity right now both as a site with a domain and without a domain. Either way I am going to create a rift of horror that the mainstream doesn't want you touching. My website is the one everyone warned you about and this kind of horror doesn't play nice with the rest of the world. This kind of horror puts a fist in your face and flips you off from the inside. One site might say they are not a monster, well I am the heavy metal monster who gets into their head.

hey Gravediggers, say hello to Misty of Withersin!  I appeared in the maiden issue of the magazine -- as N.A. Pacione.

Tell Scott Davidson that Writings From The Grave sent you.  Right click and open link in a new tab \m/
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Tell Doyle That Nickolaus Pacione sent you.  This story is dedicated to Denis D'Amour of Voivod.  I want to thank Vovoid's official forum for being my test readers for this when I first wrote it in 2006.  I written this as a Canadian writer.  I am coined the Canadian Author not from Canada. Thanx for keeping it going Doyle -- here's to another 16 years to Thanx for publishing my discovery Trent Roman.
Ron and I shared a billing at a few events over the years.  We actually shared at a table at Voltaire.  Get the movie Magus -- if you're an action fan you will love the intense fight scenes.  Ron told me the director actualluy worked with Chuck Norris, and myself being a martial artist -- Judoka, really smiled when Lizzy Strain placed Ron female costar in an arm bar.  Ron signed my copy of Magus at another premiere.  Get this DVD if you're an action horror fan like me.
A very hot b-movie actress I came to know just as I was starting to see print publication.  Tracey Crockett actually introduced me to her.  I am waiting for her to actually do some Gothic Horror style photographs.  I would love to work with her on these. She and I been corresponding since before I became a published author.
Though I have a deaf computer, I figured I would give Count some more traffic since we met at Grave Robber.  Hope you're enjoying HoS3!  I gave the banner The Writings From The Grave treatment.   The Count is from my hometown.
I am a Gothic Horror Fiction Website, but musically I am a Metalhead to the core.  So right click your link to say hello to my buddy Rodney at The Chicago Metal Factory!Well Big Chicago, this is where I drink when I am in Chicago -- my friends Grigori 3 had their release party here.  I would love to do my magazine release party here -- more or less to introduce my local line ups to my Exit Family. I am getting one of their patches when I start making my own battle vest.
I will give more details about this link later on facebook and if one signs the guestbook I will give more information. The long timers will know some of this because I gave the huge news on the phone.  Let's just say one of my books is now living in Richmond, Virgina.
Mykil coined me as The Heavy Metal Author -- Withering Soul's lyrical themes and my horror stories in terms of subject matter overlap each other in many ways.  They take the Black Metal Blueprint and make into something bigger.  They're the soundtrack for Chicago's haunted history.
The band helmed by Scott Waters famously of No Life Til  Killer thrash from the Southwestern United States.  Jump in the fucking pit for this one.

Many of us writers you see in the small press getting published in other places, all got published here at some point in their career.  This is the site that's been around longer than Writings From The Grave,  Wraith followed my website from the beginning  -- I was shocked that she let me actually edit the stories towards the end of the submissions.  You can go to the fiction archives by clicking the art archive.  Very fucked up fiction is featured here.  The e-mail address I used with my stories at the time are no longer active -- changed their policy meaning I needed a designated host for the service so my e-mail service folded.

The Temple of Dagon and The House of Pain picked up my work at the same time -- my e-mail is out of date there but you can catch me in the message board over there from time to time.

ISBN: 978-1-257-05775-7 -- Words From A Dark Truth is now available on and it is available as a pdf download for a donation on this website. I have a set rate because I had that bloated harbie from England sending me so called donations that are $ .01, anyone published with them that are published with me want proof of this I have the screenshots of this.
      Upon the donation being received the url for the e-book will be provided as the received payment. If received from donations on the website e-book owners can pass the book up to 8 friends and that's the limit then when they passed it to the eight friends they have to provide the link to where people can get the book via This book is available for $13.00 on, but the shipping will end up being more for some from out of the United States. They can also get the book for a $5.99 download on too.
       There will be a small donation set up on the website and for that donation the book will be available for cheaper than the download on I am selling Issue 11 now on for also as a trade paperback and for a download too. The 11th Issue is also available as a download too and this will be the only publication on The Ethereal Gazette I am allowing this. I've had a lot of people pirating titles in the past especially from one by the name of I can be contacted via e-mail but it will be a little more stretched out forawhile. Best way to reach me is via This collection might be a little costly but you're getting two new stories, Revisting The Loss Of Blood and A Gothic Nomad Visiting Poe's Home which is the story of my vacation in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2003 thent the few days holding out until I returned home being I was in Illinois a weekend before heading back too. The stories in the collection consist of stories either taken right from my real life or inspired from my real life. The story by Lloyd Phillip Campbell (and not some troll who stole his idenity) was taken from a story I wrote on called The Monster Amongst Man. The proceeds of the new book will go into my medical expenses and for fixing a few things that were caused by a rough patch in January. I am trying to raise a lot of money in very limited time, and if there might be an interruption in communication that's why. I am trying to enter a contest to help fix a lot of things caused by this rough patch.

Like the website and the short stories within the reading room, or Well it's not cheap running a website where it's designed from the ground up. I have a set up now on my website to take credit card and debit card payments for visitors to donate. The donation for Europe is 8 Euro, and try to figure out the international donations that would be around what I have in mind.This will help with my bills, expenses to help take care of the relatives, pulling my weight living expenses, and expenses with publishing on Grabbing the titles from instead of helps too, hardcover versions of the namesake, Every bit of the donations are used wisely. The money will go to helping the cousin with expenses on the house and my still due medical bills.
       I will use all donations to help take care of living expenses as well as take care the medical bills which I owe on. These are the ones that my insurance doesn't cover. I want to get the amount owed to the cousin by the first of each month as well as pay for my internet expenses. In some subcultures, this is know as a tribute. This website is similar to public television in terms it's operated on donations from the visitors. I also will tithe 10% of this toward places like Feed The Children and American Family Association (the one I've been donating to off and on since 2002,) after I stop the bleeding and calm the storm that's my medical expenses. I really don't make a lot as an author or a publisher, not quite a hobbiest but as the illustrator I worked with on the lead story in the magazine said of his family to take care of -- I have one to take care of as well. I often use my paypal account as emergency funding and at times its effective. Some publications I am going to publish will have reading fees on them (not the magazine or the fiction anthologies. Namely the ongoing creative nonfiction journal I am going to start up to some members of websites I am going to waive the reading fee but there are some places where this will be in effect -- namely from those who are coming from MySpace and yahoogroups. I am getting the subscription cycle configured for The Ethereal Gazette for those who want the magazine the way the contributors see it as a pdf file and in full color.)
       I am doing this because sometimes I don't have enough funds to cover everything I have to do. Subscriptions Of The Gazette will also contribute to the budget I need for hiring possible models or covering some of their expenses if they'd do it for copies of the magazine. Those bastards who go around sending payments of $. 01 to $1, I stopped this with the new donation thing because that is making oneself a damned idiot. (There is a fixed amount, and it will be seen when the donation is made.)
      Those who donate will receive an e-book of at random or issue of magazine published by Lake Fossil Press. Donations from former classmates will be getting a .pdf of a completed never before released novella or a look at a new works in progress within the 2011 catalog for various electronic formats. In fact, they will see my contest entry that I sent to a local contest. I will eventually have book lots or publications I also appeared in as something in return. I am starting up a newsletter that will be in kindle, HTML, and ipad format so everyone coming on can keep tabs on the authors who worked with me over the years and ways to get in touch with them.)
      Sometimes this will go towards my AuthrorsDen Membership Dues that I pay every three months. Picking up some of the books I wrote on also goes to me in some form, one is not only supporting an independant author but they are discovering different styles of horror rooted in traditional horror. Don't be like the ones who go around doing the bogus domains in this sense of the word. I am one of the few webmasters, and authors who offer up some merch in electronic form in return. With the agreement that the person does not distribute it. My ultimate goal with some of the donations is pay for this domain for a good long time so it stays with me into my latter years. I've had paypal for a good number of years recently I became a business account meaning I can go around as Lake Fossil Press.

Some of you jokers act like you've never been to a real website and seen a guest book before.   This would be the guestbook graphic with some guidelines about the details about the guestbook.  Don't post event flyers here because they will get outdated very fast, but if you want to post information on a flesh and blood CD release, give your details as you leave your guestbook comments.  If you're a hellrat like me post a photo of yourself donning your \m/ metal horns!  I want to see the Chicago Metal crowd.

Photograph © 2000 by me.  I took this in one of the cemeteries in Joliet, Illinois. Sometime around Labor Day Weekend. I wish I had the pictures of me in the Jewish Cemetery at North Riverside, but those are lost when one site closed down.

"Nickolaus Pacione knows story, and this one is just the sort to grab you and hold your attention. Good stuff."

-- Joe R. Lansdale, Bubba Ho Tep and The Batman Novels via
15 Minutes Before The 11th Hour (unreleased nonfiction.)

hey jackhole, want to learn more about me. come here -- this is my bio and also provides information about my magazine's submission Guidelines.  Not for the ones who get offended too easy -- I am quite vulgar but I am honest with the world.  I talk a little about how I used to watch some horror films with my mother while she was still dating my stepfather.  Aka Momma Fossil.  If you're not to the sarcasm by now -- then you might have to go to

This is my new message board -- if you come here being a jagoff.  I will put you on the wall of shame postings.  Ahem LakeFossilPiss or Crusty Rail
updated it with the story that caused the most debates among fan fiction writers and original fiction authors / readers-- I created something that really gave me a following among some circles -- one would say this is a signature story of 2004, and this was first premiered on just before writing House of Spiders -- this one brought one of my anthology mates over to the site for her Forever Knight stories.
Want to see what I am doing on a day to day -- this is where I verbally rip the nuts off  the libel sites and the copyright violaters.

The Horror and Halloween Search Engine, I am listed here under the People section. - The portal for writers and authors

Just as I pulled the black clothing out, but didn't have the trademark long hair yet. The thoughts were there though.
If one wants to know what I am up to on day to day basis go visit my blog at MySpace -- this place is private because I do get a lot of stalkers because of liar sites like Encyclopedia Dramatiaca, gossip message boards full of trolls like Twilight Sucks, and Wiki Fandom Wank, my now defunct blog was public though comments are moderated because of a total bitch that thinks she's hot shit and I get stalked by cowardly gossip bloggers. Yeah they need to stop sucking off the "queen" of media *cough* Perez Hilton *cough.* Someone needs to take a computer away from that cocksucking six-legged room mate (this is slang for cockroach.) Gossip bloggers are a collective circle jerk of people who stalk, bully and lie about people.
      I use the wordpress blog for trash talking people who accuse me of plagiarism, but I apologize that I am not David Boyer (there is a special place in hell for plagiarizers. He messed with a publisher that has a scorpion's mind.) This will have some of my articles on there. This will give some an idea of how my mind works when I am not in a creative process, but the other places are where one can see where I do more of my writing at. This place is always and will be under construction, but as much as what I have on there already -- one can find what I wrote up on AuthorsDen (I do keep a blog on this website and my myspace profile -- you have to add me to read it, if you're one of those bastards who think my views are bigoted keep out. Yeah when you come to my sites, the mentality I have is time is mine.
      The links to the left within the div frame -- please open them in new windows by right clicking the thing. Watch your fucking language on one of the forums because they got a strict no swearing rule. My forum -- you can call people what The Great Kat calls them in her lyrics. I have a sense of humor that uses more vulgarity than a Navy Company Commander or a Marine Drill Instructor. I swear and insult like the guy from Full Metal Jacket. So if you can fucking handle the profanity -- careful that I might scar your virgin ears for life. If you think the language is too raw for you, I guess you like to read what they call whifflehorror. Dead girls don't whisper here, it's the second death screaming for the second time as they have their souls to burn -- and even then God won't listen as they're nice and crispy. When they are in a horror where they're screaming, crying and gnashing of teeth.

if you want a custom PA Explicit Content Graphic for your website, drop me an e-mail and $10.00 and one will be done inside of an hour when payment is sent via paypal. When it's done it will be sent to your e-mail as an .png.  I am not part of the red ribbon campaign, but I am part of the blue ribbon campaign being freedom of speech on the internet.  I design these for actual websites or blogs which have plenty of running room.  This website contains explicit profanity and graphically violent content -- come on, this is a horror site. It's a given. Registered & Protected

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Just like Reznor, I have my own name logo. I introduced the name logo originally with Quakes And Storms and this changed over the five year history.  I designed a special one for Naked Snake Press and designed one for Barbara Shenouda then one for Macey on Quakes and Storms. Choke on that McKeeman; damned dress wearing loser.

 © 1999-2010 by Nickolaus A. Paciona a.k.a. N. Albert.  N. Albert is my artist name I took for myself in 1997.  I've been drawing off and on since I was a kid.  I've been doing this the longest of my creative outlets. I don't have an artist name when I do photography.  I go by either Nick Pacione or Nickolaus A. Pacione as a photographer.  I do go by N.A. Pacione as a writer too but haven't used that name since U.S. Navy Basic Training.  My buddy Brendan Kane is much better at drawning than I am, my style is more expressionist. Photographer style -- it 's a wide range.  I hate doing insurance photos though. Especially when I had to do with my cousin, Amie's old place -- my works from 1996 got destroyed in that fire.

the storefront is redesigned and if you want some of my titles as an editor or as a writer, you can get them here.  There is even information where one can grab An Eye In Shadows.  House of Spiders 3 will be available again eventually, but Dirty Black Winter is available now.

because's listing is constantly vandalized, I am linking it from here and if you're House of Horror need not apply.  My rules are strict with this magazine for a reason and when the rules are strict it gives a stronger result in terms of horror or modern day science fiction.  The details are there for each issue -- looking for more stories for Issue 13 and then for future issues.  The vandalism has written all over it -- they don't know anything about running a magazine.

grab Dirty Black Winter here